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Site Work

Our company is commonly used as a site work subcontractor for construction projects in the industrial field. This includes all the preliminary measures needed to construct buildings including demolition, erosion control, earthmoving, grading, compaction, underground utilities, and stone.


This process includes stripping topsoil and stockpiling it for future use, excavating and hauling imported fill material for building pads and structures, and reclaiming the excavated site.

Grading & Compaction

This process includes direct placement of imported material and grading of that material to a plan-specified grade. The material is then compacted to specifications using sheep foot and smooth drum compactors.

Underground Utilities

This process includes installing underground utilities for the construction project such as storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water lines, and gas lines.

Erosion Control

Erosion control measures include installing silt fence around construction site to prevent erosion, installing straw blankets on slopes, and importing stone for check dams and construction entrances.


This process uses heavy equipment such as dozers and trackhoes to demolish any building or structure that is required to be removed. Waste material generated from this process is then exported from site using tri-axle trucks and hauled to disposal sites.


Loudermilk provides stone service which includes importing crushed stone to project site for building pads and backfill of utilities. The stone is then graded and compacted to project specifications.

Examples of Industrial Work

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